Best, Easy Keto Chaffle Recipes

If you are looking for the best, easy keto chaffle recipes, you are in the right place! Low Carb Inspirations is a great resource for low carb sweet chaffles, savory chaffles, breakfast chaffles and more. When I started my low carb eating journey, the thought of giving up bread overwhelmed me. However, I learned that recipes like 90 second bread and chaffles allowed me to get my bread fix without wrecking my diet. Whew!

Chaffles are SUPER versatile because you can easily add toppings that suit your tastes! Everything you need to know about the Keto Chaffle Craze can be found below. If you still have questions, send me a message or note. I love to help!

Where can you find the Best Chaffles Recipes?

Our new Keto Chaffle Recipes Cookbook offers over 50+ low carb sweet chaffle recipes, savory chaffles, breakfast chaffle recipes, and more!

Find all of the best keto chaffle recipes, with new recipes being created daily. There are sweet and savory recipes for every flavor palate.

In addition, some of our favorite recipes included in the cookbook are:


Another great resource for all things chaffle is the Keto Chaffle Recipes private Facebook group. Be sure to check it out because we share all sorts of tips and tricks that you won't want to miss!

Be sure to browse these 80 (& Counting) Best Easy Keto Chaffles Recipes for more inspiration!

Keto Sausage Ball Chaffle Recipe

By Jennifer / August 15, 2019 / 2 Comments

This Keto Sausage Ball Chaffle Recipe is one of the BEST Savory Chaffle Recipes I’ve tried to date! Chaffles are cheese waffles that are low carb waffles!

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Lupin Flour Waffle Recipe

By Jennifer / August 15, 2019 / 8 Comments

This lupin flour waffle recipe is absolutely amazing and hard to believe it’s low carb/ keto! Lupin Flour Keto recipes that actually taste great!

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Banana Nut Chaffle Recipe

By Jennifer / August 14, 2019 / 4 Comments

This Banana Nut Chaffle Recipe is one of the best Dessert Chaffle Recipes I’ve ever tried! It’s amazing! There are a few secret ingredients you need to get to make this low carb though!

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Keto Red Velvet Waffle Cake Recipe

By Jennifer / August 13, 2019 / 2 Comments

This Keto Red Velvet waffle cake is almost like a keto chaffle but lighter! This is the perfect keto birthday cake idea too! It’s small and low carb!!

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Keto Pumpkin Cake Chaffle with Cream Cheese Frosting

By Jennifer / August 13, 2019 / 3 Comments

We just made the BEST Keto Pumpkin Cake Chaffle with cream cheese frosting! This is a mini keto cake with low carbs that’s made with a waffle maker! EASY Keto Recipe!

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Pumpkin Chaffle Recipe (with glaze)

By Jennifer / August 13, 2019 / 2 Comments

This keto pumpkin chaffe recipe is super easy and DELICIOUS! You can add a cream cheese frosting on top to make it an extra special Keto dessert idea!

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Corndog Chaffle Recipe

By Jennifer / August 12, 2019 / 4 Comments

This is how you make a Corndog Chaffle recipe and YES! It really does taste like cornbread but it’s keto friendly & made without egg whites! Best Keto Chaffle EVER!

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Buffalo Chicken Chaffle Recipe (no egg whites chaffle recipe)

By Jennifer / August 12, 2019 / 3 Comments

Add a bit of spice and try the brand new Keto Buffalo Chicken Chaffle recipe made with no egg whites! Make this keto chaffle recipe with a Dash mini waffle maker!

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Keto Chocolate Waffle Cake Recipe

By Jennifer / August 10, 2019 / 7 Comments

You can make this Keto Chocolate Waffle Cake with a mini waffle maker! It’s the perfect keto dessert because it’s light and very low carb, keto friendly dessert!

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Keto Chaffle Churro Recipe (Sweet Chaffle)

By Jennifer / August 10, 2019 / 7 Comments

This Keto Chaffle Churro Recipe is the best sweet chaffle recipes I’ve tried! It’s made with a keto friendly sweetener and a touch of cinnamon! I love Chaffles!

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How do I learn to make Chaffles?

At first glance, you may wonder, what is a chaffle made of? Chaffles are made of two basic ingredients - cheese and eggs. So, why is it called a chaffle? Chaffle = cheese and egg waffle. In other words, chaffles are keto waffles with endless topping possibilities!

There are both sweet chaffles and savory chaffles recipes, and some even incorporate almond flour for a more bread-like texture.

What is the Best Chaffle Maker?

I love the Dash Mini Waffle Maker, I use it all of the time! The Dash Mini Waffle maker heats up quickly, is non-stick for easy clean up, and its compact size doesn't take up a lot of room in my kitchen, perfect for making easy keto waffles! Best of all - it costs less than $15.

Can you use a regular waffle maker to make chaffles? Yes, but the recipe needs to be doubled (in most cases).

Can You Freeze Chaffles?

Yes, chaffles can be frozen! Simply place them in a freezer bag or an airtight container with a layer of parchment paper in between each chaffle to keep them from sticking. Chaffles can be frozen for up to a month - I haven’t tested any longer than that.

Can You Reheat Chaffles?

Yes, chaffles can be reheated in several different ways. If you aren't concerned with crispiness, using the microwave to reheat chaffles is easy. Reheating chaffles in an air fryer, toaster or your waffle maker will keep the chaffles crisp and fresh tasting.

What other ways can you store Chaffles?

If you do not want to freeze them, chaffles can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Look for specific tips for how to store chaffles on each of the chaffle recipe pages!