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Is Lupin Flour Keto?

If you’re on this Ketogenic diet journey and ran into Lupin Flour, you may have some questions. One thing about the Keto diet, is that it’s always changing and growing. When you have a question about something, it’s best to do some research about it. I’m going to answer the question of whether or not Lupin Flour is Keto.

What is Lupin Flour?

Lupin Flour is made from a plant that is considered a legume.  Lupin is uniquely high in protein (up to 40%) and dietary fiber (up to 30%) and low in fat (about 6%) and contains minimal starch.  Therefore making it a low glycemic index ingredient!  Lupin Flour is gluten-free.

What is Lupin Flour made from?

In order to understand if Lupin Flour is Keto friendly, you need to know what it is made from. Lupin is made from the same plant as the peanut. It’s considered a legume. Lupin beans are actually a popular food in Mediterranean dishes.  Legumes are non to be inflammatory foods.  Some people can tolerate them and some people cannot.  The same goes for peanuts


Is Lupin Flour Keto Friendly?

Ketosis is a state in which your body is.  Keto is not a food.  Certain foods can kick you out of ketosis depending on the carbohydrate count.  Some people can tolerate more carbs than others and still remain in a ketosis state.  

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Is Lupin Flour Healthy?

You may be wondering if Lupin Flour is healthy and if it has any nutritional value at all. When you ingest Lupin flour, you are actually getting many health benefits. Lupin Flour can help reduce chronic disease markers. Bread quality is improved when you use Lupin flour.

How Many Carbs Does Lupin Have?

Because we’re trying to eat a low carb/Keto diet, it’s important to know how many carbs are in this type of flour. You’ll find that there are 74 calories in 1/4 cup of Lupin Flour. This breaks down to 2g fat, 12g total carbs,  11g fiber, 1g sugar, and 12g protein.  This makes it a total of 1 net carb per 1/4 cup serving!  That’s low carb flour!

Is Lupin Flour Keto?


How Can I Use Lupin Flour in Baking?

Have you been wondering how you can use Lupin Flour in baking? You can! There is actually a lot you can do with Lupin Flour and there are recipes posted all over the Internet. While Lupid can be used by itself, it’s often better used with other flours. You can totally use Lupin as a gluten-free flour. Lupin Flour is also known for being highly digestible, which could be really nice when you’re baking.

UPDATE!!  We ended up making a Lupin Flour Waffle!


Lupin Flour Waffle Recipe

Are People Allergic to Lupin Flour?

It’s important to realize that Lupin Flour can be used for baking, but there is a caution for allergy because it’s from the same family legume family as peanuts and soybeans. So, if you know of someone in your family that has this type of allergy, Lupin Flour is something you need to be cautious with.

Is lupin flour keto?

What are Other Names for Lupin Flour?

Believe it or not, but Lupin Flour doesn’t just have one name. Lupin Flour is also known as

  • Sweet lupin sprouts
  • Sweet lupin milk
  • Sweet lupin beans
  • Lupini beans
  • Lupine
  • Miracle Flour

So, if you’re looking for Lupin Flour, but can’t find it, you may be able to find it according to one of these names. Often times, flours will have different names, depending on which part of the country you’re from.  They sell a Miracle Flour on Amazon that is made with 100% Lupin Beans.

What Does Lupin Flour Smell Like?

If you were to open a bag of Lupin Flour, some people say it has a very strong odor. The odor can be compared to soybeans. Of course, everyone has different ways of perceiving smell, so you may decide that it smells like something else to you.

What Does Lupin Flour Taste Like?

Although some people say that Lupin Flour smells like soybeans, they say it tastes like nothing. I tend to disagree.  I think it can have a bitter taste if you use too much.  When you use it for baking, you get no strong smell. You may have a different opinion about this, so the only way to try it is to buy some and make a baked good with it.  I tend to mix it with another keto flour if I need a lot of flour in a keto recipe I’m making.

What Kinds of Keto Foods Can I Make with Lupin Flour?

The good news is that Lupin Flour can help create a TON of Keto friendly recipes. Anything you can make with Almond and Coconut Flour, you can also make with Lupin Flour. Here are a few examples of yummy Keto foods you can make with Lupin Flour.

  • Lupin Flour Cookies
  • Lupin Flour Brownies
  • Lupin Flour Tortillas
  • Lupin Flour Crackers
  • Lupin Flour Biscuits
  • Lupin Flour Pancakes
  • Lupin Flour Bread
  • Lupin Flour Muffins
  • Lupin Flour Crepes


I’d say there isn’t anything you can’t make with Lupin Flour. Give your favorite recipe a try, just replace the flour you are used to using with Lupin.

I hope some of these tips help you understand Lupin Flour just a little better. While this is still a new flour to the Ketogenic diet, I look forward to learning more about it over the upcoming days and weeks. I’ll update this post as needed.  I also plan to test my glucose and ketone numbers when I consume this too.  If you’ve already done these tests, I would love for you to comment and tell me your findings.  

The best way for you to know how you react to lupin flour is for you to test your own blood glucose and ketone levels after you consume it.  It’s one of those ingredients that may cause you inflammation and it may not.  This flour is most definitely low carb and I, myself plan to test it in a few recipes of my own.

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  1. I am 3 years keto and love Lupin Flour. I use it for pizza, coffee cake, flat bread, biscuits, corn bread… it’s the best! Thanks for your article. I hope more folks learn about it.
    Dr. V. Napier.

  2. I bought Lupin Flakes and they are great! You can even make a hot breakfast cereal out of them!
    I’ve used a lot of premixed cookie mixes with this in it and the flavour sort of is sweet, soy taste.
    The lupin flakes are excellent for adding a thickener or binding agent to casseroles and things like meat patties and meatloaf and add a light pleasant taste and are high in fiber as well.

  3. I cannot tolerate Almond flour it completely tears up my bowels but would like to make things that call for Almond or coconut flour. Have you received any reports from others with the same problems if so and they tried Lupine flour how did it react to them?

    1. I made bagels today. I also cannot eat almond or coconut flour for the same reason. 8 ounces of mozzarella 1/2 cup lupin flour. 1 egg salt. Melted the cubed cheese for 1.5 minutes in the microwave stirred heated another 15-30 seconds. Stirred in the beaten egg. Stirred in the lupin flour. Kneaded a bit. Cut into 4 pieces. Rolled and shaped into bagels. Topped with everything bagel topping. Baked at about 375-390° F for about 17 or so minutes until golden brown on top. I also use it in 90 second microwave bread with some ground flax. Works great.

    2. Coconut and almond do the same thing to my bowls.
      I’ve made brownies, blondies, rubarb crisp and gingersnaps cookies with lupin flour. Also some places you can find jared/pickled lupin beans. Great for chili’s snacking ect

  4. Thank you for this! I had never heard of Lupin Flour! I saw a noodle recipe calling for it and wasn’t sure if it is Keto. So again, Thank you very much!

  5. I just ordered some along with my vital wheat gluten and oat fiber. I have a bread recipe I’d like to replace some of the flaxseed meal in the recipe. I know to add a bit more liquid and sweetener as lupin flour is bitter.

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