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Hacks to Stay on the Keto Diet

Summer is often filled with backyard barbecues, pool parties, and exciting family vacations. While many people look forward to these fun events others dread them, particularly those on the ketogenic diet.

When on the keto diet it can be exceptionally hard to stick with because many party snacks and foods are full of carbs. Here are some great hacks for all of you keto dieters to help you stay on track.

These hacks to stay on the keto diet will help you get the most success out your new healthy lifestyle. Tip #3 was a game changer and I know it will help you too!

Hacks to Stay on the Keto Diet

Fill Up on Water

Staying hydrated is important no matter who you are, or what diet you are on. For the keto dieter who is going to be headed out to a party, where there are tables of high carb foods and snacks everywhere you look, it can be especially beneficial to make sure that you are hydrated before and during the party.

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Often times, people mistake dehydration for hunger, and when there is easily accessible food, it can be hard to turn it down. Keep yourself hydrated, to help curb your appetite, and keep from drooling over the delicious trays of carb-filled foods.

Bring Your own Snacks

Whether you are headed to a party, taking a road trip, or running your weekly errands, make sure to bring your own keto friendly snacks. You are bound to get hungry throughout the day, and when you are away from home is the easiest time to cheat on your diet.

Prevent starving yourself, and cheating with easily accessible, high carb snacks by packing some of your favorite keto approved treats. Try to always keep some keto cookies, or a bag of pork rinds in your bag or car for those times when you are out later than expected.

Know What to Order When Eating Out

Just because you are on the keto diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy a nice outing with your family to a restaurant or fast food joint. There are plenty of keto friendly options at most places to eat.

You will want to avoid pasta dishes completely, as well as french fries, rice, and tortillas. Some entrees will just need a little modification. For example, feel free to order a burger or grilled chicken sandwich, but either go bunless or substitute the bun for a lettuce wrap, if available.

Motivate Yourself!

Being on the keto diet can be incredibly difficult. You will frequently be checking labels and carb counts and missing your favorite foods. There will be times when you will want to give up, and this is when your motivation will be key!

Most people want to get rid of their old jeans, as they slim down with a new lifestyle change. However, keep your larger sized clothing as a simple reminder of how far you have come and as an encouragement to keep going.

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These hacks to stay on the keto diet will help you get the most success out your new healthy lifestyle. Tip #3 was a game changer and I know it will help you too!

Share your keto hacks to stay on the keto diet with us!

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