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Losing weight wasn’t always something I thought could happen to me. I watched it happen to other people, but I never knew when my time would come. One of my favorite quotes is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If I wanted to see other people change for the better, I had to be the one ready to change! I had decided that the low carb way of eating was for me.

Living a better lifestyle was about more than me, it was about those around me. I knew I needed to get healthy, but so did everyone around me. My mission to eat the low carb way boiled down to me just doing it. I didn’t want to be lazy about losing weight anymore.


The low carb diet kept coming up as an option for me because I saw so much success from other people. A lot of their success required hard work, but it was also doable because the low carb diet didn’t require a ton of information. My inspiration came from seeing the success other people had, but also wanting to be healthy.  The low carb diet came easy, but it also was easy! I didn’t have to spend hours meal planning and trying to figure out what I was going to eat.

I wish I had a big fancy story for you, but let’s face it. The low carb diet works and it doesn’t take rocket science, which is what I needed. Living a healthier lifestyle with good food and good food choices was all I needed to love life again!

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Starting the low carb lifestyle

If you’re thinking of starting the low carb lifestyle, you’re in a good place. This lifestyle is for anyone who wants to lose weight. While it’s not easy every single day, it does get easier every day that I’m living this way. I hope my recipes and tips help you to live the best low carb lifestyle you can imagine. If you have questions, I’m here, so just ask!

Just look at the difference for me!

Jens Keto Before and After Progress Photo

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