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Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

We just made some fantastic Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses!  Valentine’s day is right around the corner and when you are keto or trying to participate in the holiday but remain sugar free, that can be a challenge.

You cannot just go and buy cute specialty items like this that are keto friendly.

The stores only carry sugar free candy and we all know what happens if we consume too much of that in one sitting.  HA!  Not only that but the ingredients in those chocolate candies are not that great for your gut health anyway.

With a small amount of preparation, you can have a delightful and edible Keto Friendly Valentine’s Day bouquet of your own to share with your loved one!

You know why I create stuff like this?  It’s because I never want you to feel left out on a holiday.

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I want to give you sugar free and fun options so you can participate too!  Sure, you can also just buy roses, but what fun is that?!

We added a sugar free chocolate coating to our roses but you don’t have too.  You can simple cut the strawberries into roses if you prefer.

You could even dust them with unsweetened coconut powder too!  The unsweetened coconut powder resembles powdered sugar.  That would be a fun option too.

Let me show you how we made these Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses so you can make them yourself.

Watch the video here:

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Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses


Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses


Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses Ingredients

  • Small Glass container to hold the rose bouquet
  • Nuts, Cocoa Nibs, or chocolate chips to fill the glass container to hold the strawberry roses
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Lily’s Chocolate Chips (these are sweetened with Stevia)
  • Plastic gloves
  • Small pairing knife

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses Instructions

  1. Start by washing the strawberries and patting them dry before you begin.
  2. Set up your glass container and fill it with a keto friendly option list above.  This will hold the roses in place and add a decorative touch to the vase or glass.
  3. Wash and dry your hands.
  4. Apply disposable gloves (this is important especially if you are gifting these edible roses)
  5. Place a skewer in the top part of the strawberry where the stem is.
  6. Use the pairing knife and begin peeling back the outer layer skin of the strawberry by partly holding the strawberry and the skewer.  Start at the bottom of the strawberry (the widest part of the strawberry).
  7. Turn the knife outward after you have cut back the rose pedal.  This will curl the rose pedal outward away from the strawberry to give it a look as though it’s a real rose pedal.
  8. Work your way to the top of the strawberry cutting the next layer up.  Cut in a random fashion and peel back as many pedals as you can before getting to the top of the strawberry.  (Watch the video for visual instructions)
  9. Set the finished strawberry rose in the glass container and work on the remaining strawberry roses.
  10. Once all the strawberries have been cut to look like roses, start to melt the sugar free chocolate chips.
  11. Melt the chocolate chips by adding chocolate chips to a small container and spraying it slightly with non stick cooking spray right on top of the chips in the center.  You want to make sure your container is microwave safe and small but yet deep enough to dip the strawberries in.  The bigger the container the more chocolate chips you need to use.
  12. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals.  This should only take one or two times at the most.  Be sure to mix the chocolate chips in between intervals because the chips may be fully melted but will still look as if they are holding the chocolate chip shape until you use a spoon to mix it.  Then the shape completely melts and comes together as chocolate sauce.  Don’t over cook your chocolate or else it will become hard and you will have to start all over.
  13. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly before dipping the strawberry roses.
  14. Dip each strawberry rose and set it right back into the glass container.  You don’t want to lay it on parchment paper because it will smoosh one side of the chocolate rose.  Be prepared for some of the chocolate to drip off the roses as they begin too cool and harden.

I would store them in the refrigerator until you gift them.



Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

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