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Activities for Kids and Parents!

Activities for Kids and Parents!

We created a list of ideas to help you get through these tough times of social distancing.  I’ve had so much fun with my kids these last couple days so I thought I would share the list of activities we plan to do during this isolation effort we are in.

Here’s the big list but we also created a printable just in case you wanted to print it out and put it on the refrigerator or hand it to friends.


Ideas to kick boredom!

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Make a leaf scrapbook

Pick wild flowers

Find shapes or the alphabet in nature

Walk barefoot in the grass

Do genealogy research

FaceTime or Zoom with friends

Play hopscotch

Play Jacks

Do yoga outdoors in the sunlight

Journal the times

Write a letter to your future self

Think about your life in 10 years and write it out

Think about your life in 5 years and write it out

Play TV Bingo. (make up your own)

Play board games with family

Practice no dominant hand writing or drawing

Learn to cook a new dish or meal

Practicing drawing

Train a pet to do a new trick

Paint rocks

Walk nature trails

Fish in a pond or lake nearby


Hunt for 4 leaf clovers

Walk the dog

Bird watching

Practice photography outdoors

Find butterflies

Play Pokemon Go

Play Minecraft Earth

Bike riding

Roller Skating

Scooter riding

Frisbee golf

Sun Bathing

Sidewalk chalk art


Arts & crafts

Painting on paper

Backyard scavenger hunt

Bug hunting

Hunt for bones

Climb a tree

Go on a picnic

Metal detecting

Make a nature collage


Fly a kite

Read a book under a tree or in a hammock

Balance rocks

Learn handwriting skills

Paper origami

Do a small paper mache project

Practice face painting


You can download the Kids and Parents Activities printable sheet here.


Kids and Parents Activities printable


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  1. Thank you for this list! I’m wondering at my age if I shouldn’t write a letter to my grandchildren. LOL

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