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Low Carb Inspirations provides an approximation for nutrition information as a convenience and courtesy only. Nutrition data is gathered primarily from the USDA Food Composition Database, whenever available.

The provided approximation of nutrition is in no way a guarantee of accurate values, and should only be used as an estimate. Food labels are governed by both Federal and State laws, which vary by type of food product and brand. Any errors in the provided nutrition information are unintentional and strictly inaccuracies that can arise from the data gathering process or software used to calculate the information.

Any and all questions regarding nutrition should be directed to the manufacturer of the food product, as we cannot provide any further information than what is on an individual label, or that which can be found through calculation.

Nutritional calculations are based on USDA recommendations for a 2,000 calories diet. If you have any questions about how to calculate the nutritional values yourself, please use your favorite search engine or look through a basic nutrition book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nutritional values does Low Carb Inspirations use?

The calculations we use for nutritional values are as follows:

  • Total C – total carbohydrates
  • Fiber = dietary fiber
  • Net C = net carbohydrates (total c minus fiber = net carbs)
  • Sugars = total sugars including sugar alcohols
  • Fat = total fat
  • Protein = total protein

Why is my nutrition calculator different from yours?

Due to the nature of nutrition calculators, each vary based on the data they use and/or are provided.

Each brand of each food may have differences that will affect theamounts as calculated through these databases depending on how they process or prepare their products.

The applies for carbohydrates, fat, protein and all other values of nutrition found on food labels. For example, one brand of broccoli may have different nutritional content than another brand depending on how they are grown or prepared. As a result, the information found on food labels can vary by brand as well as type of product being purchased.

Why don’t you have sodium listed in your nutrition label?

Our nutritional calculations do not include sodium, as it is difficult to calculate and vary greatly across brands and types of foods. If this is an important part of your diet we advise checking the label or contacting the manufacturer directly.

All values are approximate and subject to change without notice.